Injured animals can’t express what is ailing them, so it makes sense that you would worry if they do not seem to be acting in their typical manner. Whether they ate something that disagreed with them, are behaving strangely, or just seem to be slowing down, scheduling an appointment at Loves Animal Hospital in Loves Park, IL, is the first step in diagnosing what is bothering your pet. Through veterinary radiology, we can assess your pet’s condition leading to improved patient care, better treatment options, and superior patient outcomes.

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Animal Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging

The same technology that has changed diagnostic imaging and treatment options for human patients is also available to help our animal patients. A radiology scan provides your veterinarian with a view into what is going on inside your pet without resorting to more invasive testing or procedures. Veterinary medicine has progressed to the point that a veterinary radiologist can conduct a radiology test that will help diagnose injured or ill animals, which leads to improved patient care.

If your Loves Park, IL animal is feeling under the weather, our veterinary radiologist here at Loves Animal Hospital is standing by with state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic experience to help find out what is ailing your pet and how to most effectively address it.

Thanks to the efforts of our veterinary radiologist, along with advancements in diagnostic tools, we can find out what is ailing your pet and develop a comprehensive veterinary care plan tailored to your pet’s individual needs.

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If you suspect that is something is amiss with your furry friend, we invite you to schedule an appointment here at Loves Animal Hospital so we can get to the bottom of what is ailing them. An ill animal in the house is a concern, and we want to help your pet get back on all their feet in the fastest possible time. That is why we use only the highest quality medical equipment and tests to ascertain what is bothering your animal. Diagnostic imaging is one of the most effective ways to see what’s going on inside of your pet’s body to inform effective treatment. For more information on our animal radiology services, or to schedule an appointment, call us at (815) 986-4445 or visit us online.