How Safe is Pet Anesthesia?

As a pet owner, you may encounter a time when your furry friend needs care that goes beyond a typical wellness exam. From things like diagnostic imaging such as X-rays and MRI to full-scale surgical procedures, your pet will need to be placed under anesthesia. This should lead to an open discussion with your veterinarian regarding the risks.

At Animal Hospital of Loves Park in Illinois, we minimize the risks to your pet with the most up-to-date anesthetic techniques and monitoring equipment available. We also take the time to talk about the protocols of anesthesia, including how it's administered and how patients are taken care of afterward. 

Before Anesthesia

It is important that your veterinarian perform a full exam on your pet prior to the use of anesthesia. This will include both a physical exam and blood tests, which reveal indicators that may point to your pet's chances of developing an issue once anesthetized.

This exam can prove invaluable to your veterinarian, as it allows him or her to make an educated decision on what's best for your pet going forward. If your pet is healthy, it minimizes many of the risks associated with the use of anesthesia.

During Anesthesia

Veterinarians strive to provide the same care to a pet under anesthesia that a human would get in a hospital. This means careful monitoring of intravenous fluids, circulation and blood pressure, for starters. Oxygen will also be provided, as well as blood pressure and temperature monitoring. Finally, electrocardiography (EKG) will be used to monitor your pet's heart.

After Anesthesia

We all want to be somewhere comfortable after waking up from anesthesia, right? Your pet will recover in a cage or kennel placed in a quiet area. They will remain closely monitored, and will not be sent home until we are completely confident in recovery.

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