If you’re an experienced pet owner, you probably know by now that animals can have some pretty significant pet dental care challenges without showing obvious symptoms. This may be especially true where your pet’s mouth is concerned, since diseases, damage, and injuries can hide behind a set of healthy-looking teeth.

The wisest strategy is to schedule your pet for periodic dental care. Here at Loves Park Animal Hospital, we’ll be happy to provide your pet with the checkups and treatments he needs.

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Why do pets need dental treatment?

Your pet’s teeth may appear astonishingly durable, if only because your pet uses them to help carry things around. In reality, they’re more similar to human teeth than you might think, not only in their structure but also in the kinds of problems they can develop. Pets can suffer from such worrying dental and oral issues as:

  1. Oral Cancer
    Some types of oral cancer can prove deadly if they aren’t deal with early. Oral cancer can also be extremely hard for pet owners to detect until the disease is well advanced.
  2. Tooth Damage
    A traumatic accident, or imply biting on a too-hard object, can cause cracks, chips or breaks in the teeth. If the damage extends to the sensitive pulp chamber or roots, your pet may have great difficulty eating without pain.
  3. Infections and Abcesses
    Infections and abscesses represent another extremely painful problem. Germs can enter damaged tooth enamel or gum tissue, penetrating to the jawbone, and possibly even traveling to the major organs.
  4. Periodontal Disease
    Periodontal disease may be the most common dental affliction afflicting pets. Plaque and tartar attract bacteria, which in turn causes gum-damaging inflammation and eventual tooth loss.

Other FAQs About Dental Care

Why is pet oral health so important?

There are a few reasons that your pet’s oral health is essential. First, if your pet’s oral health is neglected, it can result in bad breath. Also, if your pet’s teeth begin to decay, it can cause pain while eating. In severe cases, tooth loss can occur. Finally, if your pet develops gum disease, the bacteria can travel through his bloodstream, causing serious complications with his heart.

Will my pet need anesthesia for a teeth cleaning?

The best way for your pet to get thorough teeth cleaning is for the veterinarian to use anesthesia. This worries many pet owners. If your pet is going for teeth cleaning and the vet recommends anesthesia, you can rest assured that your pet will be safe. While under anesthesia, he will be closely monitored to be sure that nothing goes wrong.

How often does my pet need a professional teeth cleaning?

Most vets recommend that pets have their teeth cleaned every six months to a year. If you take good care of your pet’s teeth at home, you won’t need to take him as often.

How do I care for my pet’s teeth at home?

To care for your pet’s teeth, you should brush them. You can use either a baby toothbrush or a toothbrush designed for pets. You can also find pet toothpaste in your local pet supply store. Most veterinarians recommend that you brush your pet’s teeth three times a week.

My pet won’t let me brush their teeth. What do I do?

Many pets don’t like having their teeth brushed. If your pet is uncooperative, there are other alternatives that might work better. Giving your pet dental bones will help scrape the plaque and tartar from his teeth. These bones will also freshen his breath. You can also try dental wipes. They are easier to use than a toothbrush, and they can remove the plaque and tartar on his teeth. Dental care solutions are added to your pet’s water. The solution contains chlorine dioxide, which kills bacteria.

Give Your Pet the Gift of Dental Health

Bring your pet to our Loves Park veterinarian, Dr. Amin, for comprehensive dental care to help ensure a lifetime of better oral health and comfort. We administer checkups and X-rays to get a detailed picture of your pet’s dental health, noting any issues that require treatment. Dental treatment options may include antibiotics, pain medication and/or surgery. We also clean your pet’s teeth of all plaque and tartar, even below the gum line. This discourages bacteria from taking up residence on your pet’s teeth and gums.

Your pet deserves to enjoy a happy, healthy, pain-free life. Give him the gift of dental health. Call us at Animal Hospital of Loves Park to schedule dental care!

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