Diagnostic Services for Your Pets

Veterinary services have come a long way in recent years. To some extent, medical advances for animals have developed along with treatment for humans. At the Loves Park Animal Hospital, our veterinarian is skilled enough to recognize a lot of conditions by the symptoms your pet has, but we also have the latest technology and equipment to make diagnosis more certain. We have the technology to do most tests in our animal hospital, but we do send some lab work to other facilities.

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Importance of diagnostics

The physical makeup of your pet is similar to the makeup of a human being, with mostly the same organs and body parts. However, there are significant differences. Another huge difference is your pet cannot tell us what hurts, or what is bothering them. Some of that is obvious through observation of your pet, but at times it is not. In those cases, we use the latest equipment to find out what the real issues are with your pet. With modern advances, we can make a correct diagnosis fast and can give your pet the treatment that is needed with confidence.

Types of tests

  • Hematology, serum chemistry, serology – This is the study of blood. There are differences in cellular structure depending on the species of animal. Anemia in dogs and cats is one thing that can be diagnosed with this test.
  • Urine analysis – This measures the health of kidneys and urinary tract, and can spot diabetes as well. It can also find issues in other organs of the body.
  • Fecal parasite testing – This test is used to spot worms in pets intestines.
  • Fecal smear – This one is often used with puppies and kittens, or very small pets. It is often used to make sure the parasites have been cleared.
  • Bacterial and fungal culture – This test is often used for skin issues or treatment of skin problems with pets.
  • Radiology (X-rays) – We often think of broken bones or injuries with this test, and it is often used for that purpose. However, when something is stuck in your pets’ intestines, radiology may hold the answer.
  • Electrocardiography (EKG) – Pets can have heart issues, as well as humans, but an EKG test can help a veterinarian determine what issues your pet has.

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