Routine veterinary care is an important part of maintaining your pet’s health. The physical examination provides important information on the animal’s weight, eating habits, skin condition and other details. In addition, your vet will administer a number of screening tests that can indicate how the animal’s organs are functioning. These tests give a fuller picture of what’s going on inside your pet’s body. The Animal Hospital of Loves Park provides routine annual exams and screening tests to ensure your pet lives a long and active life.

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Routine Veterinary Exams

During an annual pet exam, the vet will weigh your pet, take his or her temperature and visually inspect the animal’s general condition. The vet will also check his or her eyes, ears and teeth to determine any obvious problems that could affect health or quality of life. The vet will also ask the owner questions about type of food provided, exercise, behavioral habits and other information to help understand the factors that may affect the animal’s health. This data is written into the animal’s file for reference.

Screening Tests

Your Loves Park veterinarian will also order a number of diagnostic tests:

  • A fecal test will indicate if any internal parasites are present.
  • A urinalysis will indicate if there is infection in the urinary system or other problem.
  • A heartworm test will be done to ensure the animal is not infected with this parasite, so it can safely be put on preventative medications.

CBC (Complete Blood Count)

The vet may also take blood from the animal. The complete blood count (CBC) provides information on possible infection and the ability to fight infection. It can also indicate possible metabolic diseases. A “base line” blood test, done when the animal is young and healthy, can help the vet recognize small changes that can indicate the early stages of a health problem. The chemistry panel gives information about kidney and liver function, as well being a method of detecting diabetes.

Other tests for specific diseases may be done, depending on the species of animal.

Choose Us for Your Pet’s Veterinary Care

Dr. Shahid Amin and his staff provide care and attention for many animals in their practice in Loves Park, IL and surrounding communities. They use the information provided by routine exams and screening tests to compile a full picture of each of their patients’ individual needs. Call Animal Hospital of Loves Park today at (815) 986-4445 to schedule your pet’s annual exam and screening to ensure good health for many years to come.