Dogs and cats can easily suffer from pet dermatology problems of all types. Because there are so many skin ailments that could cause a pet to become distressed, contacting Animal Hospital of Loves Park in Loves Park is necessary to treat one properly. Read over the following information to learn a bit about different skin irritation problems that can arise so that you know when to contact our veterinarian.

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Skin Rash

A rash on a pet’s skin requires a check from our vet to determine the cause for its existence. A rash is often a symptom of an allergic reaction. It may be in the form of red and raised bumps on the skin or it may not have a visible discoloration. Rashes are often itchy or painful for a pet. Medication is usually needed to treat a rash that does not go away on its own after a few days.

Skin Allergies

If your pet has an allergic reaction to a trigger, the skin may suffer. Skin allergies are often caused by grooming supplies, like shampoos or conditioners for pets or from pesticides used to kill fleas or ticks in a pet’s fur. Skin allergies can also be caused by an aversion to a particular ingredient in food that the pet eats regularly. Ideally, it is best to find what is causing a trigger to the skin so that your pet can be kept away from it in the future. Our vet can help you determine the cause of an allergic reaction and will provide your pet with medication, if needed.

Dry Skin

A pet with dry skin will have visible flakes present within its fur. A pet with dandruff or flaking skin often suffers from itchiness. Refraining from bathing a pet too often when it has a dry skin problem. Our veterinarian will treat the dry skin condition and make recommendations regarding grooming supplies to use so that moisture is retained within the skin when bathing. Medication may be necessary to help your pet’s skin to retain much-needed moisture.

Problems with Parasites

A flea infestation causes itchiness of the skin. In addition, fleas are known to bite at the skin, leading to painful welts on your pet. Many pets are also allergic to fleas, exacerbating the symptoms that they experience when a flea bite happens. It is important to not only treat the skin, but to also treat the flea problem so further skin problems do not arise.

If your dog or cat is dealing with a rash, skin irritation, allergic reaction affecting the skin, or other pet dermatology problem, then contact Animal Hospital of Loves Park in Loves Park to meet with our veterinarian for an assessment. Call our animal hospital at (815) 986-4445 for more information today.