Pet Eye Infections FAQ

Your pets can get eye infections, just as humans do and they will need to see a veterinarian to get it checked out and obtain the necessary medications to treat it. There are different causes of eye infections as well as different treatment methods provided by a veterinarian depending on the type of eye infection. If you suspect your pet has an eye infection, our staff at the Animal Hospital of Loves Park can provide an exam and prescribe any medications he or she may need for a remedy.

What are the Symptoms of Pet Eye Infections?

There are several symptoms and signs that your dog or cat may have an eye infection. They include tearing, discolored mucus from the eyes, and discolored eyeballs or red streaks in the whites of the eyes. Your pet may also exhibit a cloudy iris, swelling around the eye, and they may be rubbing or pawing at the affected eye. Your pet may be sensitive to light and will be squinting and blinking in bright light.

What are the Types of Pet Eye Infections?

Your pet's eye infection might be from many different sources including bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as allergies to environmental items, such as pollen.

Are Pet Eye Infections Painful?

Pet eye infections are among the most often seen conditions by veterinarians. They are painful and uncomfortable for your pets and if left untreated the infection can spread to other parts of the body including the heart, liver and kidneys. You should contact your veterinarian immediately when your pet shows signs of an eye infection.

Are Eye Infections Preventable?

Yes, they can be. If you have a cat, you should keep them inside at all times to prevent eye infections. Your dog should have the hair around their eyes trimmed back by you or by a professional groomer. This helps to prevent eye infections caused by a wayward hair poking your dog in the eye. You can also wipe the area around their eyes every time they come in from outside to remove bacteria and pollen that can be an allergen and the start of an eye infection. You should never let your dog hang their head out the window of a vehicle because any flying object can strike them in the eye.

What Does a Vet Do for Pet Eye Infections?

Your veterinarian will examine your dog or cat and test the fluids coming from the infected eye under a microscope and determine what type of infection it is. The vet will then likely prescribe some eye drops for your pet. Remember, never use human eye drops on dogs or cats.

Trust the Eye Specialist in Pet Care

At the Animal Hospital of Loves Park, we provide pet eye infection treatment as well as a wide variety of common pet care services. If your furry friend needs a veterinarian in Loves Park, then you can entrust them with us to ensure they receive the care they need for a long and healthy life.

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