When animals are sick or injured, they cannot help the veterinarian by providing information on where it hurts or what feels wrong. Vets must rely on technology to provide a look inside the body to find out the source of the problem. As with people, radiology provides vital information to help veterinarians make accurate diagnoses and to provide appropriate treatment. Animal Hospital of Loves Park offers this critical service to serve the needs of pets in the Loves Park area.

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Diagnosing Health Issues

Most people are familiar with the use of radiology for broken bones. The use of x-rays for detecting fractures in bones can be critical in helping animals that have been hit by a car or sustained injuries in other types of accidents. But x-rays can also help to find:

  • dental problems that are causing pain and preventing your pet from getting the nutrition he or she needs for good health.
  • foreign objects in the gastrointestinal system
  • bladder or kidney stones
  • orthopedic conditions such as hip dysplasia or unusual bone growths

Radiology equipment has made veterinary treatment more accurate and helpful to animals of all kinds.

Preparing Animals for Diagnostic Radiology

Unlike people when they are undergoing medical care to diagnose health problems, animals are rarely able to lie still during an x-ray. Generally, veterinarians will administer a short-acting anesthetic that will allow them to position the animal correctly for the best view of internal structures. However, the anesthetic will wear off quickly, and the animal will soon be able to resume normal activities. Your Loves Park veterinarian will discuss the results of the testing with you, to determine the right course of action to help your pet.

Make Animal Hospital of Loves Park Your Choice For Radiology Testing

Dr. Shahid Amin uses his years of experience to provide accurate diagnosis of veterinary health issues for his patients in Loves Park, IL and surrounding communities. With state-of-the-art equipment and individualized care, we ensure that your pet receives gentle treatment throughout the diagnostic process. Call Animal Hospital of Loves Park today at (815) 986-4445 for an appointment and discuss your pet’s needs.