The Basics

Sometimes pets get hurt, need routine procedures, or have to have a pet surgery intervention. No matter what the cause is for your pet needing an operation, the right surgical team can make a huge difference in determining the success of the overall procedure and recovery. For those in the Loves Park area, Animal Hospital of Loves Park is a great option.

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What Is It?

To put it quite simply, is is any sort of surgical intervention performed on a pet. This can be easy and simple procedures that does not require the animal to be put under sedation, or it can be complex surgeries that require hours of work and general anesthesia. It is a complex thing, but with the right team and veterinarian, your pet can come through any surgery. It is often performed at an animal hospital so that your pet can be fully supported through the entire process.

Why Might Your Pet Need Surgery?

Your pet may need surgery for a multitude of reasons. From routine surgeries like spaying and neutering to more complex issues like hernia repair or removal of tumors. With the help of a great veterinarian, your pets can be safe and happy despite having to have an surgery. Your pets will need to be prepped both by you and the vet staff before an operation. When your pet is scheduled for an operation, you will be advised when that pet needs to stop eating the day before the surgery, as well as what medications may need to either be given or withheld from your pet. It is important that any directions your veterinarian gives you regarding care for your pet both before and after surgery are strictly followed.

Pets are a big part of the family, and making sure that they are well cared for makes a difference in how long they live and how well they live. If your pet needs an operation, the right team like the helpful staff at Animal Hospital of Loves Park can truly make a difference. We are here for your pets every step of the way and can help you deal with the anxiety that comes from pet surgery as well. We work to explain every procedure to make sure you are armed with all the information you need to be sure your pet is going to be safe.

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