At Animal Hospital of Loves Park, our veterinarian is committed to providing pets big and small with the quality and compassionate care they deserve through all stages of life. If you’ve been looking for a veterinarian you can trust in the Loves Park area, look no further. We offer all the veterinary services your pet needs, including preventative care in the form of comprehensive health and wellness exams!

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Why Pet Wellness Exams Are So Important

We recommend an annual wellness exam for most pets, and for a number of reasons.

Firstly, an annual exam is the best way for our veterinary team to stay on top of even small changes in your pet’s health. These annual exams allow us to see patterns in your pet’s health and wellness that could indicate a potential underlying medical issue. Without an annual wellness exam, it may not be until your pet shows major symptoms of a problem that you bring your pet in to see us, and by then the underlying condition could have already worsened significantly.

Your pet’s annual exams also give you a chance to meet with our veterinarian and express any questions or concerns you may have. And of course, if your pet is due for updated vaccinations or a new dose of flea/tick/parasite prevention medication, your pet’s exam is a great opportunity to get this all taken care of in one convenient visit.

What to Expect at Your Pet’s Exam

Wondering what you can expect from an exam in our office? Our friendly veterinary team will start by weighing your pet and taking his or her temperature, along with asking some basic questions to gain insight into your pet’s typical health and routine. From there, our veterinarian will come in and conduct additional testing to make sure your pet’s coat, breathing, heartbeat, eyes, ears, and other important aspects of your pet are in great health. If needed, we can conduct any diagnostic testing here in our office while you’re here.

Schedule an Exam with Our Loves Park Veterinary Team!

If your pet needs a wellness exam, why not schedule one with our Loves Park veterinary team today? You can reach Animal Hospital of Loves Park by calling (815) 986-4445.